All posts for the month June, 2009


June is here and there are lots of exciting things going on at Dengrove Studios

First off, in my update last month I told you about my first upcoming “on the road shoot” while I was in Houston. It was a rousing success as it produced some very beautiful images. I also got very lucky as my original shoot for one model turned into two when she brought her friend along who is also a model.

The second shoot which I hinted to in my last update turned out to be quite amazing. I ended up shooting a model at an abandoned power plant. The location was something to behold, as this place had not been in operation since the 1960s. It was incredible to see the state of decay as nature struggled to reclaim the building and everything in it.

May also saw a shoot of my first “alternative” model which came out quite beautiful. We shot in a lovely forest setting.

Speaking of new photos, the website has recently been updated with lots of new ones. Including some from the Houston shoot, “alternative shoot”, and the abandoned power plant shoot. New photos are posted in the Portrait, Pin Up, Themes, and Boudoir galleries. You can view them at Feel free to take a look, and as always feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.

This month, I have a few shoots I am working on which I am very excited about. After the success of my last “on the road” shoot, I am currently in Phoenix where I will be shooting 2 local models. I also have a shoot at another abandoned location lined up for this month. Also, look for more photos from the May shoots to be posted on the website in the coming weeks as I finish retouching them.

Have a great month of June everybody, and if you know anyone who would like to have a photo session or is in need of a photographer, we are always looking for new business. Thank you for your continued support.

Scott Dengrove
Dengrove Studios