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“I'm not big fan of taking photos, but with Scott I felt very comfortable and loved not only how professional he was but how great my pictures came out”

Ariana - Spring Valley, NY.

"I really loved working with Scott, he was easy going and made me feel very comfortable. As a new model I was really scared and nervous and he made the whole experience fun and helped me relax. The photos he took are lovely, I will definitely work with him again."

Giulia - Orangeburg, NY

"One amazing photographer! Awesome experience, awesome pics!"

Amanda - Brooklyn, NY

“At the beginning of my shoot, I felt nervous and stiff, but that didn't last long at all!  Scott had the ability to make me feel comfortable and confident. I felt like a natural. I left the shoot feeling great. When I saw the photos, I was extremely happy. They were fantastic, better than any pictures I've ever taken. My family and friends were very impressed as well. It was an experience I'll never forget!".

Tiffany - New York, NY

“Working with Scott was an amazing experience! As a beginner myself, he made me feel very comfortable and gave me excellent direction so all of my photos turned out stunning. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Theresa - Brentwood, NY

"What makes Scott such an amazing photographer, is his attention to detail which allows him to capture the very essence of the subject he is shooting"

Jessica - Palm Bay, FL

“Shooting with Scott was a lot of fun! I was a bit shy at first but he had a very comfortable environment that made it easy for me to open up. Not to mention, the pictures turned out beautiful. I would love to shoot with him again!”

Kristen - Brentwood, NY

"Working with Scott was an absolute pleasure. He was very accommodating and made me feel really comfortable, which was especially helpful because it was my first photo shoot.

Scott gives great direction and feedback, and thanks to him my shots turned out great! I will definitely recommend him, especially to new models."

Eva - Greenwich, CT

"Working with Scott was an absolute treat. I would never have been able to take the shots I did without a direct, friendly, and easygoing photographer like him. As a new model, I was more than a little camera shy, but Scott made it easy for me to relax and have fun. The finished photos were fabulous and delivered in good time. I can't wait to work with him again."

Leanika - Brooklyn, NY

“I have had 2 photo shoots with Scott.Working with him has been a pleasure. He has a professional demeanor and knows how to use his equipment well. I have always been satisfied with the quality of his work.”

Patricia - Brooklyn, NY

“As a fellow photographer, I highly recommend Scott Dengrove’s photographic services! Scott's photos are flawless and beautiful. A dear friend, and true talent, he’s professional, kind, and fun to work with. Even I will be shooting with him very soon.”

Lauren - LalaLauren Freedman Photography

"Thank you so much. We received the photos and are so excited. I immediately put them in all the frames and have been smiling ever since. Thank you again for a great experience and great photos."

Ashley - Fairfield, CT

"Working with Dengrove Studios was a wonderful, comfortable experience all around. This occasion was my first photo shoot at a studio, and Scott was patient, informative, and encouraging throughout the whole process. The photographs turned out magnificently, and I felt very accommodated and involved with the end result from start to finish. I have received many compliments on the pictures Scott took, and very highly recommend Dengrove Studios to anyone looking for a professional, high-quality, and enjoyable experience!"

Sarah - New Rochelle, NY

"I chose Scott because of location nearness. Now, having worked with Scott, I would chose him over any other! He was very professional making me feel comfortable and at ease about a process that I had been avoiding. Loads of photos were taken while he gave helpful advise and we had a blast!! Nicely done."

Penny - Hawthorne, NY

"Scott was professional and personable. He put me at ease from the first phone call to the end of the process. He made great suggestions and understood my goal. The photos came out great and we had fun taking them. I took a chance on datingheadshots and Scott and it worked out for me!"

Jennifer - Mount Kisco, NY

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